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CC BY Creative Commons

Heute vor 12 Jahren haben Lawrence Lessig und sein Team die erste Lizenz-Suite von Creative Commons auf den Weg gebracht:

12 years ago today, we launched the first Creative Commons license suite.

The internet was changing the way people share, and changing what it meant to be a creator. But copyright law hadn’t caught up. The Net was making sharing easy; the law was making it hard.

We made a bet that many creators would stand between the extremes. That they would be inspired by the idea of “some rights reserved” and dedicate some of their rights to the commons.

One billion licensed works later, I think we were right.

12 Jahre in denen mittlerweile fast 1 Milliarde Werke unter einer Creative Commons Lizenz erschienen sind. Großartig!

Vielen Dank an Creative Commons und vor allem vielen Dank an all jene die ihre Werke unter einer der CC-Lizenzen veröffentlichen!