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Michael Büker hat kürzlich auf dem 31. Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) einen sehr sehenswerten Talk über den Wahnsinn des Atomwaffenproblems gehalten. Ich kann jedem nur ans Herz legen sich dies mal anzuschauen, denn wie seine Überschrift schon verrät: das Problem geht nicht einfach weg.

An overview of 70 years of nuclear weapons, focusing on some of the underlying physics, the international politics that surround the topic, modern technology for nuclear weapons detection and monitoring, and what everyone can do to help nuclear disarmament.
With the end of the Cold War, the sense of imminent danger from nuclear weapons quickly faded. But the weapons never went away: Today, half the world’s population lives in countries with nuclear weapons. Roughly 15,000 nuclear warheads, each powerful enough to destroy a city, are in the hands of nine countries.
The most important international treaty on nuclear weapons states that only five countries can ‘legally’ have them. But over the last 50 years, eight other countries have come into their posession, four of which are established nuclear powers today. How did that happen?
Moreover, nuclear tests of different kinds are banned by a multitude of international treaties. An impressive global measurement network of hundreds of seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound and radionuclide measurement stations has been set up to detect nuclear tests. However, a treaty to finally ban all sorts of nuclear explosions, signed by 183 countries, is on the brink of failing. What is up with that?
This talk aims to provide a broad physical, technical and historical overview of the topic of nuclear weapons, and explain where international politics and verification technology stand today.

Hier ist die Aufzeichnung des Talks (kann man im Media-Repository des CCC auch herunterladen):

Michael weiß übrigens durchaus wovon er redet, denn als Wissenschaftskommunikator und Diplom-Physiker hat er sich sicher mit dem Thema eingehender beschäftigt.

Im Media-Repository des CCC findet sich übrigens noch ein weiterer sehenswerter Talk zu diesem Thema (Nuclear Disarmament Hacks How to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons?), den Moritz Kütt auf den MetaRheinMainConstructionDays 2014 gehalten hat.